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PREP20 min
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Cooking2 h
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Ready in2 h 20 min


Potato Rosti Ingredients

Salsa Verde Ingredients


Pastry Instructions

  1. Step
    Preheat a 10” cast iron pan over low-medium heat on the stovetop. If you do not have a well-seasoned cast iron pan, then a similar-sized non-stick frying pan will also work.
  2. Step
    Julienne (using a mandolin) or grate (using a large hole box grater) the potato and the onion into a bowl.
  3. Step
    Add the kosher salt to the potato and onion and hand mix to evenly distribute the salt. Allow the mixture to sit for 15 minutes so that the salt can draw out any excess moisture.
  4. Step
    Measure your cheeses.
  5. Step
    Transfer the potato and onion mixture to a strainer and press out as much liquid as you can. You should normally lose about 15% of your weight, or 1/2 cup of liquid.
  6. Step
    Return the potato and onions to the bowl and mix in the black pepper.
  7. Step
    Add the 1 tbsp canola oil and 1 tbsp unsalted butter to your preheated pan making sure the bottom and sides are evenly coated. Carefully place half of your potato mixture into the pan and gently press down to ensure that it makes even contact with the bottom of the pan.
  8. Step
    Let potato cook undisturbed for 6-8 minutes before checking. When the potato crust is cohesive and approaching golden brown, using oven mitts or kitchen towels, place a plate or wooden cutting board over the pan and invert.
  9. Step
    Return your empty pan to the stove and add the remaining canola oil and unsalted butter. When butter has melted, add in the rest of your raw potato mixture and press into bottom of pan like before.
  10. Step
    Keeping about a 1” border along the outside of your pan, evenly arrange the cheese in the centre of your raw potato.
  11. Step
    Using a spatula, gently slide the par-cooked potato on top of your cheese. Press down gently and use your spatula to gently form the sides of the potato together.
  12. Step
    Continue to cook on the stove top, undisturbed, 6-8 minutes before checking. When the potato is just tender and crispy golden brown all over, it is ready to enjoy.
  13. Step
    If you are nervous about flipping the potato out of the pan, then you can also make this recipe with excellent results by preheating a dutch oven at 400°F (200°C) in a conventional oven for 15 minutes. Remove from oven, add in all fats and then layer the potato and cheese all at once. Return dutch oven to the conventional oven and cook uncovered for 25 minutes.

Salsa Verde Instructions

  1. Step
    Wash and dry all herbs.
  2. Step
    Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until everything is fine chopped and has a creamy appearance.
  3. Step
    Season with salt and black pepper.
  4. Step

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