plate of whipped feta with eggplant topping

Creamy Whipped Feta EggplantCreamy Whipped Feta Eggplant

By whipping air and cream into feta, it transforms the texture from crumbly to light and creamy.  Whipped feta is best served with this tangy, spicy eggplant relish!   — Created by Chef Shahir Massoud

Ultra Creamy Chocolate TrufflesUltra Creamy Chocolate Truffles

Ditch the cliché boxed chocolates this ❤ Valentine’s Day❤ and make these ultra creamy 2 ingredient truffles for your loved ones (or keep them all for yourself – they are *that* good!). We coated ours in sprinkles, cocoa powder and toffee bits but the possibilities are endless!