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  1. Step
    Carefully cut the rind off the Ontario aged gouda and shave the cheese with a vegetable peeler. Work slowly, aiming for super thin shavings – they work best for this recipe.
  2. Step
    Place the cheese shavings in the centre of your serving vessel (something nice please; get fancy!)
  3. Step
    Put a couple of heaping spoonfuls of honeycomb anywhere on the plate. (Are you making it look nice? I hope so. These are some worthy ingredients.)
  4. Step
    Slice and toast up a loaf of your favourite fruit and nut bread (1/2 inch thick), and serve on the side.
  5. Step
    Take the chilled chocolate and rasp or grate it onto the cheese. The trick here is to get the honeycomb, chocolate and toasted bread all in one bite.

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