Dairy Farmers of Ontario and Ontario Hockey Association select 2021-22 bursary winners

Dairy Farmers of Ontario and OMHA announce 2022 bursary winners
Five high school students who have made a big impact in their schools and in their communities – in addition to being recognized as top players and volunteers in the Ontario Minor Hockey Association – have been chosen as the winners of Dairy Farmers of Ontario’s (DFO) $8,000 post-secondary bursaries.
The five recipients include a sixth-generation dairy farmer. The Dairy Farmers of Ontario Bursary Program provides minor hockey players recognition for their outstanding contribution to community service, athletic and academic success. Applications for 2023 Bursary Program will be announced early next season.
“We are proud to support these bursary winners who know the value of hard work in school and in sport,” said Cheryl Smith, DFO’s Chief Executive Officer. “MilkUP is DFO's youth lifestyle brand that was created with youth success in mind. Through this bursary program we recognize outstanding Ontario youth athletes who demonstrate MilkUP's values: perseverance, originality and heart.”
Read the full press release here https://www.omha.net/news_article/show/123015

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