Our Campaigns

We believe in promoting the health benefits and versatility of milk, and sharing stories about dairy farming in Ontario. Here are the latest campaigns we’ve been working on.

Dairy Farmers of Ontario’s Milk and Cookies campaign logo

Milk and Cookies

DFO is donating $500,000 to SickKids and other Ontario children’s hospitals. And to make milk and cookies mean even more, we’re creating a #MagicMilkGlass with help from kids across Ontario, to be given to kids spending the holidays in the hospital so they can join in the magical ritual of milk and cookies for Santa.

Toddler kneeling down to feed cow

Everybody Milk - Set the Table

Passion, care & all the little details of love, that’s how Ontario dairy farmers help set the table for everybody, every day.

A teal blue background with a strawberry milkshake, whipped cream, and a cherry

Summer is Made with Milk

The best summer moments are made with milk! Whether it's that double scoop of ice cream on a hot summer day or that milkshake shared on a breezy evening, milk makes all of our moments memorable (and delicious!)

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A teal blue sky background with various dairy related illustrations around the MilkUP logo


The smoothie that starts your day off right. The ice cream that always picks you up when you’re down. Whether you’re fueling up for the day or treating yourself afterwards, MilkUP is all about milking every moment.

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Big milk glass with hands holding it

Everybody Milk

Milk is love. It’s in all the foods we love, chefs love it, it’s produced by dairy farmers with love, and it nourishes communities. Ontario milk – everybody drinks it, and everybody loves it! From a cold glass of milk to ice cream and cheese, it’s a love that can’t be denied, and we're celebrating it in all its glory.

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Farmer standing and looking back on her cows

Dairy Done Right

Part of being a dairy farmer isn’t just making great milk, it’s taking pride in what you do... and passing it along so the next generation can produce great milk, too.