Milk is a convenient source of nutrition, providing 15 essential nutrients in just one glass. Consuming milk continues to be recommended by many Ontario doctors and nutritionists as part of a healthy lifestyle.

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Research supports dairy as a key component of an overall healthy diet. Learn about all the ways milk and dairy products can support your patients’ health.


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Single glass of milk

Nutrients in Dairy

As a source of complete protein and essential nutrients, drinking milk is a simple way to support optimal health.

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Dairy and Disease Prevention

Naturally nutrient dense, milk helps to combat nutrition deficiencies and ward off heart disease, hypertension, and colorectal cancer.

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Dairy Milk and Plant Based Beverages

All forms of milk, including lactose-free milk, contain complete protein, vitamins, and minerals.

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woman drinking milk in her kitchen with a tablet next to her

The heart health benefits of milk

Studies show that milk is part of cardio protective eating patterns.

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man pointing at colon cancer screen

Milk and colorectal cancer: What does the research say?

Research shows that certain dietary patterns can help reduce the risk of developing colorectal cancer. This includes diets that are high in fibre, calcium, and dairy products.

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