Crème CaramelCrème Caramel

Indulge guilt-free with the creamy richness of Greek yogurt for a healthier twist. Packed with probiotics and protein, this luxurious dessert not only satisfies your sweet cravings but also nourishes your body.


These creamy espresso-flavoured drop cookies are topped with a rich mascarpone frosting for a delicious take on the classic tiramisu.

Mini Pancake CerealMini Pancake Cereal

When two beloved breakfast foods come together, you can expect nothing but magic, and this recipe delivers exactly on that promise. Try your hand at this fun and creative way to enjoy breakfast. Mini pancakes take up the guise of cereal and are doused in a generous amount of maple syrup and local Ontario milk! […]

ProBurger with Peruvian Chili AioliProBurger with Peruvian Chili Aioli

Nutritious and delicious local Ontario dairy is the magic ingredient in this unique vegetarian burger. This high-protein burger is crafted of traditionally made pressed cottage cheese and is extremely versatile, easily onboarding unique flavour combinations.

Sweet Almond Marzipan BunsSweet Almond Marzipan Buns

These delicious buns are worth the prep time. A perfect complement to your spring brunch table, they each contain a delightful serving of marzipan (almond paste), a confection typically made from almond meal blended with honey or sugar.