DFO’s Dairycraft game downloaded 1.8 million times on Microsoft’s Minecraft MarketplaceDFO’s Dairycraft game downloaded 1.8 million times on Microsoft’s Minecraft Marketplace

Dairy Farmers of Ontario’s (DFO) Dairy Education team is excited to share that Dairycraft, DFO’s educational version of the popular Minecraft video game, was recently approved by Microsoft to be embedded directly into its two core platforms—Minecraft Marketplace and Minecraft: Education Edition.

Since March 2021, Dairycraft has been downloaded more than 1.8 million times and is being played around the world by some of Minecraft’s 126 million monthly   active users!

Whether on Xbox, PlayStation or PC, users can download Dairycraft for free from Marketplace and play with friends or on their own.

Anyone with a Minecraft account can download Dairycraft by clicking here.

Education Edition

The Minecraft: Education Edition platform, exclusively used by teachers and educators, is recognized as an especially helpful tool for a virtual school environment. DFO’s Dairycraft world map for the Education Edition has been free to download and import since November 2020. The content is designed to bring core concepts from the Ontario curriculum to life in one of the most popular gaming environments among four to 18-year-olds. Lesson plans challenge students to get creative and collaborate to complete tasks relating to three core learning pillars: local, versatility and nutrition.

In April 2021, Microsoft released DFO’s Dairycraft classroom lessons in the Education Edition. To access the three lessons, click the links below:

To learn more about Dairycraft in schools and download the Education Edition map, visit www.dairycraft.ca.

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