Cheesy Neapolitan LasagnaCheesy Neapolitan Lasagna

Mozzarella is essential in any lasagna recipe. The smooth, sweet flavour and the meltiness of the local Ontario cheese makes for a deliciously tasty dinner.

Crispy Cheese Shell TacosCrispy Cheese Shell Tacos

DYK that when cheese is heated, it creates a gooey, stretchy texture that’s perfect for shaping taco shells like these? The crunch and texture of these taco shells take them over the top delish!  — Created by Chef Dwight Smith

Buttermilk Fried Chicken SandwichButtermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich

DYK the best way to get super juicy, tender fried chicken every time is to marinate it for several hours in local Ontario buttermilk. The acid from the buttermilk breaks down the chicken, making it tender and juicy once fried.   Created by Chef Dwight Smith

Strawberry Galette on a plate

Buttery Strawberry GaletteButtery Strawberry Galette

The key to a buttery, flaky crust is using frozen or cold local butter. When frozen butter melts in the oven, it produces pockets of steam, creating airy, flaky layers that you can’t resist. Check out this delicious buttery, sourdough strawberry galette.   — Created by Chef Matthew James Duffy

Skyr Yogurt Mac N CheeseSkyr Yogurt Mac N Cheese

Try this delicious, protein-packed, heartier take on the classic Mac N Cheese with skyr yogurt.     — Created by Chef Shahir Massoud

Rich, fluffy banana bread

Sour Cream Banana BreadSour Cream Banana Bread

Want to know the secret to making a moist banana bread? Sour cream! The fat in sour cream makes baked goods like this soft and moist by reducing gluten.   — Created by Chef Matthew James Duffy

plate of whipped feta with eggplant topping

Creamy Whipped Feta EggplantCreamy Whipped Feta Eggplant

By whipping air and cream into feta, it transforms the texture from crumbly to light and creamy.  Whipped feta is best served with this tangy, spicy eggplant relish!   — Created by Chef Shahir Massoud

cream cheese and milk infused mashed potatoes

Cream Cheese Mashed PotatoesCream Cheese Mashed Potatoes

Creamy Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoes 🧈🥔 The perfect bbq side dish, these mashed potatoes are fresh, light and tangy and are cooked in Ontario milk (no straining required) and cream cheese! Did you know the fat in cream cheese breaks down starch and makes your mash smoother and creamier? Their tangy taste is what makes […]

bowl of creamy corn summer gazpacho

Creamy Summer GazpachoCreamy Summer Gazpacho

You have to MAKE THIS creamy Sweet Summer Corn Gazpacho! Fresh, bright and hearty, this cold summer soup made with a cup of milk, corn, peppers, tomato, basil and vinegar is summer in bowl. A cup of milk has 9g of protein, making the gazpacho extra creamy and provides a hearty base to a typically […]

white bowl with butter chicken and naan

Creamy Butter ChickenCreamy Butter Chicken

Butter and cream give butter chicken its iconic creamy, velvety texture, and a touch of sweetness that helps balance all the spices in the dish. Ready to be scooped up with some hot buttered naan, there’s a reason why this curry is so loved!   — Created by Vijaya Selvaraju