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Health & Nutrition

The dairy products produced by Ontario farmers are among some of the most nutritious foods available. Get the facts on the vitamins and nutrients you’ll get in every glass of milk – and test your knowledge of some popular milk myths and misconceptions.

Health & Nutrition
A  man in a blue boilersuit examines a milk tank

From farm to table

Quality assurance begins at the farm and continues through every step of the process. Our dairy farmers follow strict on-farm food safety regulations, and their milk is checked for wholesomeness, bacteriological, and chemical quality and certified by an auditor.

Quality Assurance
Close-up of a dairy cow

Sustainability & Animal Care

Our farmers work diligently to maintain exceptionally high standards of milk quality and food safety. A commitment to the well-being of their animals and care for the environment go hand in hand with these goals. These important concepts are encompassed by a national quality assurance and sustainability program called proAction.