Hand-Rolled Cheese Noodles with Turkey Pistachio Sage ButterHand-Rolled Cheese Noodles with Turkey Pistachio Sage Butter

This dish delivers the flavours and comforts of late autumn and has the makings of an entertaining tradition. The cheese noodles require no equipment and are fast and easy to make, with delicious results that will surprise and delight any palate. This delicious dish is one of 15 exceptional recipes found in the 2021 Milk […]

Easy BiscottiEasy Biscotti

Nothing says time out from the busy holiday rush than dipping a biscotti into your homemade latte. Heat a mug of milk and add a shot of espresso for a perfect mug.

Eggnog Banana BreadEggnog Banana Bread

This next level loaf has a holiday flavour you won’t forget. This Eggnog Banana Bread recipe combines the classic eggnog flavour with the beautiful, buttery taste of banana bread, creating a wonderful dessert or snack for the holidays. When eggnog is not available, simply use a locally produced vanilla yogurt to enhance that already wonderful […]