Ultimate Apple Cheddar PieUltimate Apple Cheddar Pie

This mouthwatering combination of sweet and savory will transport your taste buds to a realm of pure culinary bliss, leaving you longing for one more slice.

Creamy Citrus Infused TiramisuCreamy Citrus Infused Tiramisu

This citrusy twist on a classic dish is bursting with flavour. Lady fingers are soaked in a citrus simple syrup and sandwiched between luscious citrus infused Ontario mascarpone and Ontario cream cheese. This no bake dessert is simple and unbelievably delicious.

Creamy Green Goddess DipCreamy Green Goddess Dip

Searching for a healthy and delicious dip for the summer? Well look no further! This high-protein creamy and refreshing summer dip is made with Ontario cottage cheese, making it perfect for everybody to enjoy!

Rolled Bresaola with Canadian Creamy Ricotta and ArugulaRolled Bresaola with Canadian Creamy Ricotta and Arugula

“These rolled bresaola starters are always a crowd pleaser and are easy and fun to make.” says Rocco. “The best part of this recipe, they are made all by eye, so kids can help prepare them too.” Trailblazing international celebrity chef David Rocco breaks down cultural barriers by uniting people through the love of sharing […]