Second wave of Everybody Milk campaign set to launch

February 22, 2023

Digital-Residential-1920-x-1080-MILK-GLASS.pngThe second wave of Dairy Farmers of Ontario’s (DFO) Everybody Milk campaign will run Feb. 20 through Apr. 9.

Once again, the campaign celebrates the universal love of milk through fun, energetic and meaningful content with the goal of increasing consumption. Consumer research confirms that those who recall the ads from the Fall 2022 campaign have a stronger perception of milk, seeing it as being irreplaceable, delicious, and loved by everybody.

To further entrench this message and reinforce the love for milk, various campaign tactics will celebrate the different ways everybody loves milk.

Over the seven weeks of the campaign, DFO will reach Ontarians with 30- and 15-second Everybody Milk ads on TV as well as online video ads, social media, a morning show broadcast segment, influencers, billboards, digital advertising, traditional radio, and podcast radio ads. A partnership with a Toronto coffee shop will shine a light on milk lovers. Stay tuned for more details.

Watch the commercial here.