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This section contains important guidelines, programs and information for Ontario dairy processors. Please contact us if you are unable to find what you are looking for or require the document in a different format. 

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Ontario Dairy Guide

DFO's 2021 Ontario Dairy Guide is a reference document containing a list of all Ontario-based dairy processors and where to buy everyday and specialty products, including organic, grass-fed, non-homogenized milk and many others. As well, the guide has information about local products and new recipes for consumers.

30 Apr 2021
Milk Allocation Policies

Procedures and guidelines for the marketing of on-demand and residual milk, based on a system of plant supply quotas for milk utilized by Industrial Milk Plants.

26 Feb 2021
Dairy Processing Handbook

Important resources for setting up or scaling up a dairy processing plant and investigating specialty dairy markets and innovative processing.

04 Jan 2019
Plant Milk Receiving Guidelines

A breakdown of the types of plants DFO supplies milk to, guidelines for washing tankers, requirements for milk truck configurations and more.

04 Jul 2018
Inhibitor Pre-Screening Program

This document highlights testing procedures, compensation and proper disposal of rapid inhibitor tests.

04 Jan 2017
Application to Transfer Plant Supply Quota (PSQ)

Apply for transfer plant supply quota and submit to DFO on or before the 20th of a month to be effective the first of the following month.

04 May 2016
Milk Utilization and Audit Record Keeping Requirements

Requirements for milk utilization declarations and for preparing and maintaining production, sales records and more.

04 Sep 2015
Agreement to Redirect Skim Milk

An agreement form for when there is a redirection of skim milk. It must be filled out by the transferer and the transferee.

04 Mar 2015
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Metering

Outlines the agreed upon method of implementation of metering milk at the plant for payment purposes.

04 Jun 2012
Procedures for Meter Milk at the Plant

Here are the necessary procedures for metering milk at a plant, as well as requirements for authorization, operational procedures, maintenance considerations and more.

04 Jun 2012
Artisan Dairy Program

Overall program criteria and artisan application criteria.

04 Nov 2011
High Temperature Load Procedures

Guidelines on how to manage a situation when a load of raw milk has been rejected due to a high temperature.

04 Jul 2010
Milk Utilization Audit Standards

The CDC's auditing methods and procedures, examples for unsatisfactory results, a Sample Milk Utilization Report and more.

04 Nov 2009
Procedures for Sampling at the Plant

Here are the necessary procedures for sampling milk at a plant, including requirements for authorization, sampling requirements, operational procedures and more.

04 Oct 2007
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Sampling

This memorandum of understanding concerns the implementation of sampling milk at the plant using approved plant samplers.

04 Apr 2001

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