DFO launches new Ontario dairy guide, available to industry and consumers

April 30, 2021

DFO Dairy Guide coverDairy Farmers of Ontario’s (DFO) marketing department recently launched the 2021 Ontario Dairy Guide as a reference document for people to learn more about local dairy. It celebrates how Ontario dairy products are all inspired by a single delicious, sustainable and local ingredient: Milk.

The guide features:

  • key facts and nutritional information on a variety of dairy categories, including milk, butter, cheese and more;
  • new recipes and culinary content for cooking and baking with dairy at home;
  • a list of all Ontario-based dairy processors, which will be helpful for Ontario consumers looking for fresh, local products, whether everyday products or specialty types—organic, grass-fed, non-homogenized milk and many others.

DFO launched the guide at the Restaurants Canada (RC) Show, highlighting how DFO is focusing on Ontario dairy and local processors, and partnering with them.

The guide is available to download here on DFO's industry website under Publications and Processors.

As well, on the consumer website, the guide is available here