Indulge in these delicious sandwich cookies, where the star-studded duo of velvety butter and luxurious cream takes center stage. Paired with a refreshing peppermint filling, each bite is filled with creamy richness, creating a delectable treat.

Buttermilk Spiced Chicken NuggetsButtermilk Spiced Chicken Nuggets

These ultimate chicken nuggets are juicy, aromatic and layered with flavour. Seasoning the buttermilk marinade and flour coating is the key to the great taste that promises to make any picnic or occasion unforgettable. This recipe is featured in July as one of 15 exceptional recipes found in the 2021 Milk Calendar.

Raspberry Peanut Butter SquaresRaspberry Peanut Butter Squares

With a hint of peanut butter these bars are reminiscent of a PB and J. These are easy to cut into bars or squares to enjoy on their own as a snack or serve it up warmed up with ice cream for a new dessert idea.