About proAction

Developed by Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC), proAction is a national program designed to help Canada’s dairy industry maintain its established reputation for excellence in milk production.

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proAction Online Training Course available in English and French.

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The proAction Modules

The following six modules were created to help dairy farmers ensure milk quality and safety, and exercise conscientious stewardship of their animals and the environment. Click here for proAction FAQs.

Milk Quality

While dairy farmers work every day to produce the highest quality milk, Dairy Farmers of Canada and provincial milk organizations, such as DFO, monitor quality trends, and spearhead regulatory changes to ensure standards remain high.

Food Safety

The safety of milk and dairy Ontarians consume is of the utmost importance. Through strict testing processes and rigorous food safety practices, dairy farmers work hard to reduce food safety hazards and risks.

Animal Care

Healthy cows are key to producing high-quality milk. Through proAction’s Animal Care program, Canadian dairy farmers endeavour to maintain the highest standards for animal care.

Livestock Traceability

The Livestock Traceability Program ensures animals are identified and their origin and movements known. This allows the industry to respond quickly in the event of a disease outbreak or food safety issue.


The Biosecurity Program is designed to prevent, reduce or eliminate the introduction and spread of disease among livestock. This is important for the overall health of a herd and can help reduce the need for antibiotics.


Environmental sustainability is key to the longevity of Canada’s dairy industry. Preserving the land and local environment can help ensure the future of dairy farming for generations of farm families to come.

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