Rose Vega Farm Ltd.
Branchton, Ontario



It started with two local brothers who had a passion for dairy farming and a keen eye on the future.

In 1975, the names of brothers Frank and Don Donkers inspired the title of Fradon Holsteins. Since then, along with each of their families, they have lived a promise to raise the best dairy cows and produce the best Ontario milk. The duties and management of a highly respected and modern dairy farm has been passed on to their children and grandchildren. 

After Frank and his son Jimmy moved Fradon Holsteins to a Woodstock dairy farming location, Don and his son Luke have been managing their herd under the name  Rose Vega Farm since 2014, a sand-bedded free stall barn facility in Branchton, ON. The true family farm experience has bound the family closer with goals and tasks shared by all. Luke and his wife Kelly have two daughters, Maggie and Claire, and they now have the chance to learn first-hand from their parents and grandparents. Among many things, through their daily exposure to the dairy farming lifestyle these young girls continue to gain an appreciation for animal care, resilience, adaptability, family and community.

Not only is the Donkers family proud to be producing quality milk for their community, they are also actively involved in many local initiatives themselves. They host 4-H meetings and  elementary school farm tours, and invite their neighbours to participate in seasonal farm preparations. The Donkers’ dairy farm has become more than just a family farm, it’s become a dairy farm for the community.

“Farming is a way of life, a lifestyle that our family fully embraces.”

- the Donkers Family

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