A day as a dairy farmer

Get a glimpse into the lives of Ontario dairy farmers.

Dairy is produced in your community

We know staying local is important. That’s why we work hard to ensure the dairy you find in stores in Ontario comes from your neighbours in Ontario.

Doing our part for the future

Ontario dairy farmers know that they need to play their part to create a sustainable future. They’re using innovative ways to deliver high quality dairy, while ensuring our province can keep producing for the years to come.

See How

Dairy done right at home

Make your meals more delicious and nutritious with our collection of dairy-inspired recipes.

First things first

There are few breakfast meals simpler to fix than cereal and milk. Start your day off right with 15 essential nutrients in every serving – and that's not even counting the cereal!

Workout partner

Studies have shown that 1% chocolate milk outperforms comparable soy and carbohydrate recovery beverages at improving muscle recover when consumed after exercise.

Cool, creamy and nutritious

Because it's made with fresh, wholesome milk, ice cream contains many of the same essential nutrients – like calcium and vitamin A – in every delicious spoonful.

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