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Dairy News

Watch Instagram videos: Dairy farmers' kids talk about their future farms

In Dairy Farmers of Ontario's Instagram videos, farmers' kids dream up their future farms and ponder questions: How old will you be when you run your farm? What will it look like? What's the best thing about farming?

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DFO’s new MilkUP campaign: #HomeCourtDunkoff

As part of DFO's youth sports program MilkUP, our new campaign #HomeCourtDunkoff celebrates the return of basketball by dunking milk and cookies. Join the TikTok video challenge and watch digital ads here.

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"Savour Ontario at Home" campaign: Delicious recipes delivered to Ontarians

DFO’s new culinary brand Savour Ontario has pivoted in response to COVID-19 with the "Savour Ontario at Home" campaign, which aimed to provide Ontarians with delicious recipes created by Ontario’s culinary pros.

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Celebrate National Ice Cream Day on Sunday, July 19 with Dairy Farmers of Ontario

DFO celebrates Ice Cream Day by recognizing ice cream as one of the many delicious food products created with milk, and acknowledges the work industry members do to produce, process and transport dairy.

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