DFO launches new winter marketing campaign about milk's 15 essential nutrients

February 16, 2021

Dairy Farmers of Ontario (DFO) is excited to launch a new, fully integrated winter milk campaign starting on Monday, Feb. 15, running until April 25.

The new marketing campaign reinforces milk's nutritional value. By highlighting individual nutrients in milk and their benefits in a fun, relatable way DFO is inspiring Ontarians to ask themselves “What Can’t Milk Do?” DFO is also collaborating with nutrition experts to expand on the benefits of milk’s nutrients through the science of nutrition.

DFO’s campaign platform “What Can’t Milk Do?” first launched in 2019 to emphasize milk’s versatility, deliciousness and endless benefits by challenging old perceptions.

See below to watch the new TV commercial and look out for more campaign elements through digital video, social media, PR coverage and many more routes to reach as many Ontarians as possible.