By Chef La-toya Fagon

Smoked Salmon Brunch Toasts 

“This was always a little amuse that we had to tie us over before we got together for the heavy holiday meal.”

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

“I chose ricotta pancakes because, as a Jamaican family, our meals are very heavy. When I started my chef training, I learned we can eat filling meals but still eat lighter, but I still wanted to keep the fruit and spice in my menus from our traditional meals.”

By Chef Devan Rajkumar

Roasted Chicken Breakfast Quesadillas

“I am all about the food. Always am, always will be. The one thing I really enjoy is a spin on breakfast dishes. This breakfast quesadilla is a way to travel the world with one bite from your kitchen. Aged white Cheddar is the cheese that is going to give me the tanginess and sharpness in this dish, and the buttery, nutty smoked Ontario Gouda is the perfect addition to balance the sharpness and to complement the smoked yogurt, adding another layer and dimension to this dish. You don’t just need to use tri-blend cheese to seal your quesadilla.”

Green Bean Caesar Salad

“This is a wonderful spin on a classic Caesar salad, a fantastic way to get a ton of greens in while never compromising on the flavour. Asiago is by no means a traditional ingredient in a Caesar salad, but I wanted to showcase how well this cow’s milk cheese with its nutty notes can truly be a star in any Caesar. The yogurt complements the tartness of ingredients in a classic Caesar dressing and packs a rich and vibrant—yet creamy—texture.”

Chef La-toya Fagon

Chef La-toya fell in love with cooking at the young age of 17. Born in Canada of Jamaican descent, La-toya grew up cooking and eating ‘island foods’, but didn’t develop a true appreciation of the diverse, bold and flavourful cuisine until later in life. After gaining years of experience, she crafted her own take on what she dubs ‘Island Paradise’, a fused style of traditional Caribbean ingredients combined with Mediterranean flavours. It was this combination of creating new flavours, with the familiarity of home-style, soulful goodness that Twist Catering was born. Chef La-toya was the personal chef of the 2019 NBA Champion Toronto Raptors and the first female chef of colour to cater the Media & Filmmakers Lounge at the TIFF Bell Lightbox, the Rising Stars event and the Board of Directors cocktail reception at the world-renowned Toronto International Film Festival. Chef La-toya is the Vice President of Alli’s Journey, a non-profit organization focusing on young adults with cancer. 

Favourite holiday song: Zion's Daughter - Boney M

Recommended food bank donation: Pinto beans because they are filling. You can add them to rice or with eggs to make a filling affordable meal. As well, diced tomatoes can be added to pasta with some seasonings and cheese to make a full meal or to rice and beans to add extra flavour.

Chef Devan Rajkumar

Chef Devan Rajkumar’s dedication and professionalism for his craft as a culinary and food expert is evidenced by his relentless passion and ambition to become one of the best in the food service industry. He is fiercely committed to food at the highest level with compelling authenticity. His love for food and quest to showcase his talent is observable with his natural exuberance and knowledge when he is engaged in preparing a menu, demonstrating for the public, competing in live culinary challenges, working the line in various restaurants, catering high-end events, food styling or performing on TV. A review of the numerous events he has participated in reveals his symbiotic connectivity and love for all things food-related. Chef Devan continues to expand his knowledge of food by travelling extensively to broaden his palate.

Favourite holiday song: The Chipmunks Song (Christmas Don't Be Late) - Alvin and the Chipmunks

Recommended food bank donation: Granola bars. They are a great source of fiber and proteins that individuals are able to eat on the go and curb cravings between meals.​

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