The Milk & Honey Menu is Back!

From January 16-18, 2020, chefs in 17 Ontario communities will feature a special menu inspired by the Milk Calendar.

Savour Ontario has partnered with Feast On for the second season of the Milk & Honey menu to brighten up tired winter palates across the province. Now an annual event, Milk & Honey was borne of a desire to share the love of cooking and local food across Ontario communities and elevate the artistry of chefs and Feast On certified venues devoted to cooking with locally grown, raised and produced ingredients.
This year, 17 Feast On restaurants across Ontario will participate, featuring special menus inspired by the iconic Milk Calendar and local food. Each of the venues and chefs will integrate local dairy as the ‘magic ingredient’ paired with seasonal and regionally crafted ingredients to create exceptional, limited-time-only dishes—the offerings are nothing short of extraordinary.

A few Milk & Honey menu highlights…
The captain of local food, Chef Brad Long, will present his unforgettable St. Lawrence salad with a killer brown butter vinaigrette as well as a local Ontario artisan cheese board finished with nuts and local preserves.
Toronto’s celebrated ēst restaurant is serving up a Root Vegetable Sundae crafted by celebrated chef Sean MacDonald. Not only is MacDonald the only Canadian chef to be ranked on the global Top 300 Chef Awards, he recently made the list of 16 Rising Talents for North America by The Art of Plating. His sundae features potato skin ice cream with parsnip dulce de leche and parsnip graham cracker crumb finished with a sweet potato chocolate brownie. This perfect fusion of the seasonal with the classic is sure to be a memorable experience.
Radical Gardens in Timmins, Ontario, is a favourite local restaurant that began as Brianna Humphrey and Steve McIntosh’s tidy little organic vegetable garden and has grown to an organic Shiitake and oyster mushroom farm wholesaling to local grocery stores and restaurants. Their small enterprise also comprises a busy catering company, restaurant and food truck – The Outlaw – that tours northern festivals and events. “We got into this business to expand up on our farming and offer people different choices and it has blossomed into such a wonderful enterprise.” Their philosophy sums it up nicely: “Supporting Northern Ontario agriculture and our economy is a top priority for us. We take a great deal of care in finding things that inspire us within our seasonal landscape.” This year’s Milk & Honey offering is an epic Baked Buttermilk and Waffle Grilled Cheese.
Not to be missed is the ambitious pop-up dinner by beloved chef team Ricky + Olivia. The six-course fireside tasting menu is hosted by Westcott Vineyards in Jordan Station, Ontario and begins with a classic grilled cheese and tomato soup course featuring Mountainoak Cheese’s award-winning wild nettle gouda and finishes with a ‘Deep'n Delicious’ chocolate crème fraiche cake with a Vodkow spritz.
The Milk & Honey menu is a fantastic opportunity to support local restaurants and chefs who in turn support local agriculture and agri-food businesses. Not only is the food delectable, it’s socially, economically and environmentally sustainable.

Participating Restaurants:

Central Ontario
Brickworks Ciderhouse (Toronto) with Chef Dave Isen
Featuring Truffle Shrimp Mac & Cheese, loaded and baked with Ontario aged white Cheddar & mozzarella, Ontario white shrimp, fresh garlic, Scoobi-doo noodles and a golden brown panko crust.
Café Belong (Toronto) with Chef Brad Long
Featuring St. Lawrence Salad: Greens, Grains, Nuts, Seasonal Fruit & Monforte Cow's Tomme with Browned Butter Vinaigrette featuring cheese from Monforte and Butter from Stirling Butter

ēst Restaurant (Toronto) with Chef Sean MacDonald
Featuring a Root Vegetable Sundae – their take on a classic sundae using root vegatables

La Parisienne Crêperie (Oakville) with Chefs Courtney and Mikael Colas

Western Ontario
Eddington’s of Exeter (Exeter) with Chefs Patrick Grogan and Lori Debrower
Featuring Panna Cotta with house preserved local strawberries

SixThirtyNine (Woodstock) with Chef Eric Boyar
Six feature dishes including a grilled rosemary whey focaccia with whipped ricotta preserved peaches, coppa and smoked honey

Westcott Vineyards (Jordan Station) with Chefs Ricky Casipe and Olivia Simpson
Featuring: Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup, Bread+Butter, White Lasagna, Upper Canada Cheese Board, "Deep'n Delicious" chocolate crème fraiche cake

Eastern Ontario
Bistro 67 (Whitby) with Chef Raul Sojo
Featuring Ontario milk poached veal tenderloin, ricotta and sweet potato gnocchi, sage beurre noisette

Rare Grill House (Peterborough) with Chef Tyler Scott
Featuring an eight-course tasting menu featuring Gunn's Hill Handeck cheese, marscapone and ricotta made with Harmony organic milk and cream

The Social Bar + Table (Port Hope) with Chef Eric Dreher
Featuring Vol au vent with mushroom caramelized onion and Ontario Brie

Northern Ontario
The Breakfast Pig (Sault Ste. Marie) with Chef Angela Caputo
Featuring Mac + Cheese Skillet Benny: House-made mac + cheese topped with more cheese, crumbled bacon, 2 poached eggs and our cheddar hollandaise

Muskoka Lakes Farm and Winery (Bala)
An artisnal cheese board that includes seasonal, local cheeses, Mrs. J's preserves, artisanal crackers and other cranberry goodies.

Radical Gardens (Timmins) with Chefs Brianna Humphrey and Steve Mcintosh
Featuring: Baked buttermilk chicken and waffle grilled cheese

Sumac + Salt (Collingwood) with Chefs Joel Gray and Hannah Harradine
Featuring a seven-course tasting menu

Verdicchio (Sudbury) 
Featuring Bomba di Zeppole, a chocolate ganache stuffed traditional Italian 'doughnut', panna, in-house made fior di latte gelato with milk from Farquhar's Dairy.