2021 Milk Calendar Recipes

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December 2020: Artisan Cheese Balls Three Ways
Who doesn’t love a good cheese ball? With this simple and delicious base recipe, you can make endless, elevated varieties to serve on their own or to add to beautiful cheese boards for any occasion. Try forming them into trees or shapes of your choosing in honour of winter or your favourite holiday or season! 

January 2021: Canadian Beef and Sweet Potato Stew 
Creamy with a zip of ginger and made delicious with local Ontario cheddar, this stew is hearty and perfect on its own, served with a side of freshly baked bread and butter or generously ladled over rice. 

February 2021: Black Forest Cloud Cake: 
Surprise your loved one (or indulge yourself) this Valentine’s Day! This flourless, gluten-free cake featuring real whipping cream will cave in at the centre to create a lovely, fudge-like hollow to load with traditional black forest sour cherries and chocolate.